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Teacher and Staff Resources

Adult Education Teacher and Staff Handbook

Quick Links to documents in the handbook -- For complete information, see the Adult Education Teacher and Staff Handbook

COURSE PROPOSALS - Teachers who would like to teach a new course in the next session must submit a New Course Proposal to the Adult Education Director according to the schedule below: Spring classes > deadline November 1st Fall classes > deadline June 1st Returning teachers must confirm in writing by the same deadlines above that they would like to teach again the next term.

SUPPLIES – Books, supplies, and any other instructional materials must be ordered using the Purchase Order Procedures – which takes time. If you need books and supplies, order them several weeks in advance. All purchases must be preapproved by the Adult Education Director and Superintendent. Use a Requisition Form to request a purchase.

CERTIFICATION -- For official information regarding teacher certification, please contact the Maine Department of Education Certification Office at 624-6603 or visit their website at

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT -- To qualify for paid professional development, teachers must complete a Teacher Self Assessment annually by Sept. 15thand submit a copy to the Adult Education Director. For more information about Professional Development, see the Maine Professional Development Calendar, the Maine Adult Education Teacher Self Assessment, the new Professional Development Web Portal

CALENDAR – See the Adult Education Calendarfor important dates and holidays.

CANCELLATIONS -- When possible, the closing of school due to weather will be announced on WABI-TV5 , via e-mail, and on our web site at Some television station offers instant text message alerts. See the tv station website for details on how to sign up.

TIMECARDS –Adult Education staff who are paid by the RSU 54 school district use a Time Clock System.  

PAY PERIODS -- according to the district’s pay schedule - bi-weekly. 

SMOKING -- Smoking is not allowed in or on school property. Please refer to the District Policy on Smoking on School District Premises. Adult Education students attending at satellite sites will abide by that site’s smoking policy.

RULES & REGULATIONS -- Teachers and staff must follow all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and policies applicable to the administration and instruction of adult education programs.  See RSU 54/MSAD 54 District Policies and Maine Department of Educationfor more information.


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