Feb. 17 to Feb. 21 is
School Vacation - no classes

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New this semester –

  • Substitute Teacher Training – start date 2/25
  • American Sign Language – start date 2/26
  • Intro to Homeowner Carpentry Start Date 3/30 
  • Sewing Machine Basics – start date 3/10
  • Woman’s Wellness Toolbox – start date 3/26


21 Century Workforce Initiative Youth Paid Work Experience Program

For Youth (16-24) No longer attending the K-12 system.

Information/Application Day: 3/10/2020

3:00 @ MSAD#54 Adult Education, 61 Academy Circle, Skowhegan

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Note:  Any individual entitled to educational assistance under Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, or Chapter 33, Post—9/11 GI Bill benefits, will not be penalized (including assessment of late fees) or denied access to classes, libraries or other institutional facilities because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligation due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33.

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    Photoshop – Independent Study & Projects

    Photoshop students from the Adult Education Photoshop II class will continue this fall in a ten-week, “Photoshop Independent Study and Projects” format. Students who have studied together for several semesters will meet to continue their projects: photo enhancement for lighting, color and size; adding artistic elements with filters, text and framing. Other who have been […]

  • Feb
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    Painting Club

    This is not a beginner’s class. It is for those who have painted in the past or present and would like to join others who love to share their love of painting. Painters are encouraged to use any medium they might choose. Marilyn uses oils and watercolors mostly, but if you prefer another kind, that […]

  • Feb
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    Quilting Club

    If you’re a quilter, or you’ve always wanted to be, come and be a part of a group that inspires, shares, challenges and encourages you to grow and learn all things quilting. We use modern convenicnes, rotary cutters, rulers, sewing machines and precuts as well as yardage, seam rippers and some hand sewing. Bring a […]

  • Feb
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    Yoga practice restores and strengthens both our mind and body. This class will be a blend of a few styles of the ancient yoga tradition of yoga—Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin—including a few different meditations and breathing techniques. These are all accessible to the beginner as well as the intermediate level yogis/yoginis. Please bring a yoga […]

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    Aerobics ~ Low Impact

    Come to a fun and exciting low impact aerobics class where you work out at your own pace. Relieve stress, improve cardio, tone, and make new friends.

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