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Tech Spot

with Lynn Perry


The Tech Spot is a School and Community Project that offers technology advice and tutoring to adults from throughout our school district.

Examples of possible help sessions include general computer operation, conducting web searches, using Facebook and other social media programs, and operating Smart phones, iPads, Tablets, and PCs. Assistance with some software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) is available as well.

FMI or to schedule an appointment with the Tech Spot staff, please call the Adult Education office at 474-7553.

Project partners include RSU 54 Adult & Community Education, Town of Skowhegan, and the RSU 54 Technology Staff.

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Using Facebook Securely

with National Digital Equity Center


December 5th, 2023

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This class is designed to teach current Facebook account holders how to use Facebook more securely, how to understand all privacy options, and how to change privacy options so the information you share on Facebook is only available to those you wish to see it. Requirements for this class: a device connected to the internet and a Facebook account.

Click here to register: https://digitalequitycenter.org/classes/class_category/using-facebook-securely/?class_type=onsite

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Quickbooks Desktop

with Val Landry


October 24th to November 7th, 2023

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During the three sessions you will learn how to create a new company, set up preferences, explore and customize the dashboard, record transactions, customize lists, create recurring transactions, prepare estimates and reports, and create/edit lists. For this workshop you will need to have your own Quickbooks Desktop version. There is also an option to sign up for access to Quickbooks Desktop account for a monthly fee of $30 that can be canceled at any time. This will be arranged by the program.

This is a live online class using ZOOM.

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Quickbooks Online

with Val Landry


September 26th to October 10th, 2023

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During these three sessions you will learn basic accounting principles and how to apply them to setting up QuickBooks online for a small business or organization. For this workshop, you may sign-up for a year of QB online at no cost by using a school email account. This will be arranged by the Ellsworth Adult & Community Education.

This is a live online class using ZOOM.

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Life Skills

with Jean Philpot

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In this class, especially designed for adults with learning challenges, students will enhance everyday life skills by improving their basic reading, writing, and problem-solving proficiencies.

Participants will work toward developing customer service, teamwork, and business skills by operating a small café.

 Learners set their own individualized goals and work toward them in a safe, nurturing, and creative environment. Contact the Adult Education office for additional information.

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