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Beginning Conversational Spanish

with UGot Class


February 6th to March 31st, 2023

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This is an online class.

Designed for beginners, we will have you speaking and reading Spanish in no time. You will practice the basic building blocks of the language and common idiomatic expressions. You will know enough vocabulary and grammar for simple conversations, and you will learn how to ask and answer questions.  Whether you speak some Spanish and need a refresher, or no Spanish, you will complete the course with the skills to communicate in Spanish.

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Alice Haiss of Skowhegan worked as an adult education teacher for many years as part of the Somerset County Basic Skills Program.  She was a literacy, basic skills, GED Preparation and English as a Second Language teacher at the program's Learning Center.  She also taught GED Preparation, basic and life skills at the Somerset County Jail for years.  During that period, she took part in a federal grant project called the Esteem Machine that combined the teaching of life skills with academic skills.

Haiss also worked for Educational Skills, Inc., where she facilitated Project Resiliency, and intervention program to prevent female juvenile offenders from being incarcerated at a youth correctional center.  The program focused on the development of problem solving, communication, team-building, and self-esteem building.

This scholarship will benefit any adult education learner who are pursuing education or training in high demand, high skill, or high wage occupations.

Awards will be announced yearly at the Adult Education Graduation in June.

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Introduction to Interior Design

with Ed2Go


March 15th to April 19th, 2023

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This is an online class.

Are you a creative person with an eye for design? If so, this course will show you how to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. Interior design takes training as well as talent, and these lessons will give you the know-how you need to design a room from floor to ceiling. You'll delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, floor plans, traditional and modern interior design ideas, and other basics. In addition, you'll explore a range of careers in interior design and get insider tips for entering this exciting field. Because interior design is constantly evolving, you'll also learn about some of the latest trends affecting the industry. You'll investigate "green" sustainable design, and you'll find out how to modify your designs for people with special needs. As you master design skills step-by-step, you'll complete your first project: a fully developed room design complete with spatial layout, lighting, and finish selections. Your new knowledge and hands-on practice will give you the confidence you need to start creating beautiful residential interiors for yourself and others.

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Learn new personal and prefessional skills online!

Most classes are 6 weeks -- 24 course hours -- Instructor-led  

Cost range from $95 and up.

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