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Acquire the basic skills to boost your web site traffic, including how to analyze your visitor traffic, how to use search engine optimization to get greater visibility and exposure in Google searches, and how to redesign your web site copy to increase your visitors and results.No experience necessary, but if you are at an advanced level, your instructor is an SEO expert and can answer your toughest questions as well. 

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Photography: After Dark

with Mike Leonard


March 20th, 2024

$20 More Info


Photo taken by Michael Leonard, Instructor

In this one-night class we will explore all the things you need to know to take successful images after the sun sets and before the sun rises.  This session reviews exposure, how to shoot images in the dark - including the Milky Way and Aurora - and how to capture your best photo under just moonlight.  We will review equipment helpful for nighttime photography, including using a cell phone.

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Photoshop – Independent Study & Projects

with Lynn Perry


February 26th to April 22nd, 2024

$65 More Info

Photoshop students from previous sessions will continue this spring in an eight-week independent study format. Students will fine tune their projects using photo enhancement for lighting, color and size; and add artistic elements with filters, text and framing.

Others who have been using Photoshop Elements or Photoshop are welcome to join the group for project support. The aim of this class is not traditional instruction but to create a place for group sharing, support and experimentation.

No class on April 17, 2023

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Tech Spot

with Lynn Perry


February 27th to May 16th, 2024


The Tech Spot is a School and Community Project that offers technology advice and tutoring to adults from throughout our school district.

Examples of possible help sessions include general computer operation, conducting web searches, using Facebook and other social media programs, and operating Smart phones, iPads, Tablets, and PCs. Assistance with some software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) is available as well.

FMI or to schedule an appointment with the Tech Spot staff, please call the Adult Education office at 474-7553.

Project partners include RSU 54 Adult & Community Education, Town of Skowhegan, Outer Reach Broadband, and the RSU 54 Technology Staff.

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Make your Best Shot – An Introduction to Digital Photography

with Mike Leonard


March 19th, 2024

$20 More Info


In this one-night class participants will learn the basics of digital photography: what you should have read in your owner’s manual but didn’t!

Topics covered include camera settings, understanding exposure and white balance, tips for making your best shots of various subjects. It’s a perfect session to attend BEFORE going on a vacation so you can take home your best shots.

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How to Cast a Fly Rod—The first step to fly fishing 

with Mary Ostrowski


June 3rd to 5th, 2024

$50 More Info

Learn the fundamentals of casting on a one-to-one basis. Beginners to advanced casters will learn or improve the basic cast, roll cast, and mends. In addition, you will learn line management, casting in wind, hauling, and other useful tasks. Take advantage of a certified casting instructor to assist you with any casting problems. If you have an interest in being certified yourself, I can offer advice with that process.

This class will be held OUTDOORS on the Skowhegan High School premises. Bring a 4-7 wt. fly rod with a floating line. Instructor will provide a leader with a practice fly. DRESS FOR OUTDOOR PRACTICE. Dates of class can be flexible if weather conditions prevent a class.