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Tech Spot

with Lynn Perry


The Tech Spot is a School and Community Project that offers technology advice and tutoring to adults from throughout our school district.

Examples of possible help sessions include general computer operation, conducting web searches, using Facebook and other social media programs, and operating Smart phones, iPads, Tablets, and PCs. Assistance with some software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) is available as well.

FMI or to schedule an appointment with the Tech Spot staff, please call the Adult Education office at 474-7553.

Project partners include RSU 54 Adult & Community Education, Town of Skowhegan, and the RSU 54 Technology Staff.

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Using Facebook Securely

with National Digital Equity Center


December 5th, 2023

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This class is designed to teach current Facebook account holders how to use Facebook more securely, how to understand all privacy options, and how to change privacy options so the information you share on Facebook is only available to those you wish to see it. Requirements for this class: a device connected to the internet and a Facebook account.

Click here to register: https://digitalequitycenter.org/classes/class_category/using-facebook-securely/?class_type=onsite

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

with Desiree Kelley


October 10th to November 7th, 2023

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Explore classical and creative yoga poses flowing in conjunction with breath. Class will begin with centering exercises, move through traditional Sun Salutations, and flow into standing sequences linking breath with movement.

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a creative and more active form of yoga using continuous dynamic movements linked together with the breath to create a flowing sequence. We wind down with cooling postures and blissful Savasana (rest to absorb practice).

Participants will need a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, and one blanket. No class on 10/31/23.

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Writer’s Workshop

with Kristin Leonard


October 3rd to November 7th, 2023

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Class will be held online using ZOOM.

Do you want to improve your writing skills for work? How about writing a poem to your beloved, or finishing that family memoir? Maybe you’ve considered writing a script? If so, please come join us in this 6-week writer’s workshop where we will explore a variety of writing genres.

This fall, our focus will be on STORIES—both real and imagined. In this class, we will analyze the elements of effective storytelling, including (but not limited to) plot, character, scene, point of view, voice, and tone. Participants will write and/or revise their stories of choice and together we will examine successful writing strategies and tricks of the trade. And most of all, we will discover that writing can be fun!

Kristin holds a Master’s in English (Literature), as well as an M. F. A. in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine. She is the 2019 recipient of the Maine Literary Award for Drama and Lit Fest’s 2019 Dramatic Writing Fellow for Emerging Writers.

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This course will cover the grammar and writing skills that are required for success in college level courses. Whether you need to brush-up your skills before attending college, need to improve your ACCUPLACER or CASAS scores, or need to earn a high school credit, you will find this course practical and useful.


Remote instruction by appointment on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

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Effective reading comprehension is essential to success at the college level and to advance in one’s career. This course is designed to help students improve reading comprehension and critical analysis. An emphasis is placed on developing vocabulary and improving reading speed. Assignments introduce students to college level textbooks, outlining strategies, and critical researching skills.

Remote instruction by appointment on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

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